[ExI] where is my housekeeping robot?

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from Good Rx:

It turns out that the idea of a “sugar high” is a myth. In fact, for most
people, blood sugar returns to normal shortly after a meal. When you eat
glucose, your body responds quickly by releasing insulin, which pushes that
glucose into your cells and keeps your glucose within the normal range.

bill w

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> >...Good luck with the Easter candy, Tara! :)
> Regards,
> MB
> Hi MB, the mom is the final authority, not luck.  Luck schmuck.
> Eh... OK well that is one of the very rare exceptions of a concept win
> which
> the Yiddish technique of easily dismissing by simply replacing the first
> consonant with the letters schm.
> It gives me an idea however.  For those traditionalist trapped in the
> requisite chocolate bunny at easter scenario, recall that in the benighted
> times of my own tragically misspent childhood, chocolate Easter bunnies
> were... prepare yourself... solid!  We could gnaw on those babies for
> several days, get multiple sugar highs, bounce off the damn walls, oh it
> was
> glorious, and none of us were ever actually murdered by our parents.
> I recall when they transitioned to that lame hollow easter bunny however.
> But then, I realized... by adding wax, the hollow chocolate easter bunny
> can
> be made even thinner!  Lower cost, less sugar, resentful children, all in
> one package.
> OK on a slightly serious note just for one paragraph.  Veterinarians see
> sick dogs every Easter and Halloween.  Kids come over, oh no Grandma, we
> will not give the dog treats, kids give the dog chocolate.  For some reason
> the stuff is toxic to them.  If they get enough of it, chocolate will kill
> a
> dog.  See to it that yours doesn't fall victim please.
> spike
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