[ExI] where is my housekeeping robot?

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>...Good luck with the Easter candy, Tara! :)


Hi MB, the mom is the final authority, not luck.  Luck schmuck.

Eh... OK well that is one of the very rare exceptions of a concept win which
the Yiddish technique of easily dismissing by simply replacing the first
consonant with the letters schm.

It gives me an idea however.  For those traditionalist trapped in the
requisite chocolate bunny at easter scenario, recall that in the benighted
times of my own tragically misspent childhood, chocolate Easter bunnies
were... prepare yourself... solid!  We could gnaw on those babies for
several days, get multiple sugar highs, bounce off the damn walls, oh it was
glorious, and none of us were ever actually murdered by our parents.

I recall when they transitioned to that lame hollow easter bunny however.

But then, I realized... by adding wax, the hollow chocolate easter bunny can
be made even thinner!  Lower cost, less sugar, resentful children, all in
one package.

OK on a slightly serious note just for one paragraph.  Veterinarians see
sick dogs every Easter and Halloween.  Kids come over, oh no Grandma, we
will not give the dog treats, kids give the dog chocolate.  For some reason
the stuff is toxic to them.  If they get enough of it, chocolate will kill a
dog.  See to it that yours doesn't fall victim please.


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