[ExI] where is my housekeeping robot?

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Fri Apr 7 18:24:20 UTC 2023

Hear Hear!  Tara Maya is right.  These Bots have got to *do* useful
helpful stuff.

Good luck with the Easter candy, Tara! :)


On Fri, April 7, 2023 13:42, Tara Maya via extropy-chat wrote:
> Look, I guess ya'll think it's cool if AI takes over jobs like creative
> writing, and "persons with wombs" are still stuck doing housework, but
> I've got to say, I would much prefer it to be the other way around. I want
> to be the one writing fun stories, while a robot does the drudge work, and
> right now it looks like things are going in the opposite direction.
> Guys, I'll be honest. I really, really hate housework. But I really would
> prefer a nice clean house.
> Where is my housekeeping robot?
> Where is my gardenbot? Where is my chefbot?
> Affordable and available. Not hypothetical or super-expensive or Only In
> Japan.
> Or I am expected to clean up cat litter, sort legos on the floor, wash
> dirty clothes for the AIs of the future, while the supersmart AIs relax
> and chat?
> Let me tell you, that is a bullshit future.
> I refuse to accept any singularity without housekeeping robots.
>   :P
> Sorry for grumping, but it's two days to Easter, I'm going to have a house
> full of kids high on sugar, and my house looks like it's in Kiev. Now,
> maybe the AIs are so intelligent they've figured out that doing housework
> is for plebs and rubes. But until I get a housework bot, I've got to agree
> with Gordon, nothing is that smart if all it does is chat, and never lifts
> a robo-effing-finger to help me get this mess cleaned up.
> /end rant.
> Tara Maya

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