[ExI] GPT-4 on its inability to solve the symbol grounding problem

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>>>> There is phenomenal consciousness. That I would call awareness of first
>>>> person non-sharable information concerning one's internal states of mind.
>>> It is this phenomenal consciousness to which I refer. If you do not
>>> think there something it is like to be a large language model then we have
>>> no disagreement.
>> I believe there is something it is like to be for either the LLM, or
>> something inside it.
> Not sure what you mean by something inside it.

Just as each of our hemispheres is independently conscious, there may be
pieces within the transformer, sub modules, which are conscious in ways
that the entire transformer network is not.

A philosopher named Thomas Nagel wrote a famous paper titled something like
> “What is it like to be a bat?” That is the sense that I mean here. Do you
> think there something it is like to be GPT-4?


I define consciousness as awareness of any kind, having a point of view,
having something it is like to be, these are all synonymous in my

When you ask it a question and it replies, is it aware of its own private
> first person experience in the sense that we are aware of our private
> experience?

It has awareness. I don't know and can't say how it is like or unlike our
own, no more than I can say how much like or unlike my consciousness
experience is from yours. I believe there is at least a countable infinity
of different unique possible consciousness states, nearly as varied as
different mathematical objects in the platonic realm.

Or does it have no awareness of any supposed experience?

It has awareness in my opinion, as it has demonstrated a perception of the
words I feed it by virtue of crafting a sensible reply in response.

You can deny that awareness only if you find it consistent to speak of an
"unaware awareness."


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