[ExI] GPT-4 on its inability to solve the symbol grounding problem

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>…My main takeaway from that intense four month experience was that world champion chess players like Kasparov live in a different world. We all thought the world team had a good chance to win. We had the benefit of computers and expert advice and the supposed power of democracy on our side, but in the end, it felt like Kasparov was Mozart on the piano and we were children playing on harmonicas.




Gordon I followed that game realtime.  I recall it being a crazy-looking thing.  I thought we had real chances for a draw way down until the end, before I realized Kasparov was a tempo ahead of us.  (I don’t wish to make it sound like I participated at the time: I was too busy at the time so I only watched, but I considered myself one of the not-Kasparov part of humanity.)  As I recall it felt like Kasparov somehow pulled his magic trick in the last ten moves of the game, but I couldn’t find where he gained that tempo on us.


Thanks for organizing that masterpiece.






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