[ExI] GPT-4 on its inability to solve the symbol grounding problem

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In 1999, I led a team of computer chess enthusiasts in a global effort to
>> beat Kasparov. The game was one move per day online at MSN. Moves were
>> decided by vote. I had about 12 guys on my team from all over the world,
>> each of us running his own favorite chess software. I was running Fritz.
>> Each night, in email, I would assign a possible line to each member of the
>> team to analyze overnight, then in the AM we would look at all the
>> evaluations and decide which move to recommend to the world team.  The
>> world lost, but those were some of the most fun and intense four months of
>> my life.
>> You can see my name mentioned here in the 5th paragraph.
>> Kasparov versus the World
>> https://www.chess.com/blog/ThummimS/kasparov-versus-the-world
> That's fascinating I never heard of that. It's quite incredible on
> Kasparov's part.
> Perhaps it reveals something about the inefficiency of committees, or the
> lack of a cohesive strategy, or the weak additivity properties of ELO
> scores?
> I'm interested to know why you think 50,000 people working together could
> not beat him. Perhaps humanity will face a similar problem facing even an
> only-slightly-superior (1-2 orders of magnitude smarter) AI.

My main takeaway from that intense four month experience was that world
champion chess players like Kasparov live in a different world. We all
thought the world team had a good chance to win. We had the benefit of
computers and expert advice and the supposed power of democracy on our
side, but in the end, it felt like Kasparov was Mozart on the piano and we
were children playing on harmonicas.


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