[ExI] GPT-4 on its inability to solve the symbol grounding problem

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> back around the mid 90s, the chess players tripped over a similar
>> question, as the software was getting so good at our favorite game.  There
>> were those who argued the software wasn’t really playing chess in the sense
>> we understood it, but was only trying a bunch of possible moves and
>> calculating.  They thought merely calculating wasn’t really playing chess
>> as we understood it.
> In 1999, I led a team of computer chess enthusiasts in a global effort to
> beat Kasparov. The game was one move per day online at MSN. Moves were
> decided by vote. I had about 12 guys on my team from all over the world,
> each of us running his own favorite chess software. I was running Fritz.
> Each night, in email, I would assign a possible line to each member of the
> team to analyze overnight, then in the AM we would look at all the
> evaluations and decide which move to recommend to the world team.  The
> world lost, but those were some of the most fun and intense four months of
> my life.
> You can see my name mentioned here in the 4th paragraph.
> Kasparov versus the World
> https://www.chess.com/blog/ThummimS/kasparov-versus-the-world

That's fascinating I never heard of that. It's quite incredible on
Kasparov's part.

Perhaps it reveals something about the inefficiency of committees, or the
lack of a cohesive strategy, or the weak additivity properties of ELO

I'm interested to know why you think 50,000 people working together could
not beat him. Perhaps humanity will face a similar problem facing even an
only-slightly-superior (1-2 orders of magnitude smarter) AI.

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