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Sun Apr 9 15:27:05 UTC 2023



Hey cool, idea: we can use Google to translate from any common language into
English, use ChatGPT, then Google translate its response back.  Have a
discussion with it.  Then when finished, have a different translator or a
human translate the discussion into English for the benighted Americans to
examine in what is our only language.


Anyone up to that?  Giovanni has the  Italian, si?  Who else do we have?
Gadersd, you are a globe trotter, ja?  German?  I know we have Spanish
speakers here.


In order to make that work, it might require a third person to do the cut
and paste, so the experimenter speaker would only see the non-English.  I
might be able to recruit a Mandarin speaker.  This experiment wouldn't
require any in-person contact.  Giovanni, shall we try it?  I can do the
ChatGPT end of the discussion, post you Google translations in Italiano, you
would respond to me in Italiano only.  Then we post everything after the
discussion is finished.


Giovanni, funzionerebbe, giovanotto?



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