[ExI] Prosthetic memory chips

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This was done in rats and monkeys around 2011-2012.

They are now trialling in humans.

A memory prosthesis could restore memory in people with damaged brains Brain electrodes designed to mimic the hippocampus appear to boost the encoding of memories—and are twice as effective in people with poor memory.
By Jessica Hamzelou       September 6, 2022

It works by copying what happens in the hippocampus—a seahorse-shaped region deep in the brain that plays a crucial role in memory. The brain structure not only helps us form short-term memories but also appears to direct memories to other regions for long-term storage.



BillK, one of the things that came out of my misadventure on bexarotene about 10 years ago was a discussion on right to try.  With Alzheimers, we know exactly what happens if we do nothing.  I argued at the time that even if some experimental therapy poses major risks for unknown benefits, there should be some path to legally shield the participating medics from liability and the patient should be able to take their best shot.

Right-to-try has advanced some since those days.  An experimental memory prosthetic looks like a therapy we could try for AD patients.


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