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>...I always have mixed feelings when it comes to terms and labels. Especially when it comes to myself, my beliefs and preferences. I prefer to talk about them directly than under the umbrella of an "ism"...

Ah yes, the well-known anti-ismist school of thought.

>...Terms and labling can be, if used with bad intent, the poisonous soil from which identity politics spring... Best regards,

Agreed Daniel.  Always use terms and labels with good intent, treat everyone fairly and with respect.  Then label their brains out, I say!  Do so with kindness and charity!  Simplify every concept beyond recognition at every opportunity, so that even dumb old computers can understand us.

My fond wish is that everyone is enjoying a fine spring day, as I am.

Daniel, do you know a European language we can test ChatGPT in?  French?  I know we have at least one native Spanish speaker among us.


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