[ExI] GPT-4 on its inability to solve the symbol grounding problem

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>> Using the phrase "only software" suggests to me you are not familiar with
>> the implications of the Church-Turing thesis.
I am quite familiar with the thesis. I differ with some people, especially
here, about the implications.

I have shown the converse, denying their awareness , leads to a logical
>> contradiction.
I think you have only mangled the language. My smarthome doorbell does no
more than mindlessly detect motion, yet you call that "awareness." Even if
I allow for that generous use of the term "aware," you take it a
step further and equate this mindless process to consciousness. That is not
what I or think most people mean by either awareness or consciousness.

It looks to me that you are merely anthropomorphizing the machine I call my
doorbell. You would probably say that my thermostat in the hallway of my
home is also "aware" and "conscious."  But as with my doorbell, I doubt my
thermostat has any private first person subjective experience of its
existence or surroundings, which is what I mean by alive and aware and

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