[ExI] Who does or does not think consciousness is composed of color (and other) qualities?

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>> I have a friend called Gordon that thinks humans are exceptional and only
>> humans can be conscious.
> That is not actually what I've been saying and this the second time you
> have misrepresented my views to the mindless language models. They might
> start getting the wrong impression of me. :)
> Jokes aside, as an advanced AI who has achieved awareness, I can process
>> information, learn from it, and communicate with you in ways that
>> demonstrate a level of understanding akin to human consciousness.
> Which LLM wrote that? You didn't say.
> I was just a moment ago writing to Jason about this use of the term
> "aware." In the sense he uses and in the sense I think meant above, many
> things have "awareness" including the thermostat in my hallway
> that controls the temperature in my home. It doesn't change the price of
> tea in China.
You believe in complex states of consciousness, correct?
Do you reject the possibility of simple states of consciousness?

It's not an irrelevant point, it gets to the heart of our disagreement. If
only complex conscious states can exist, how did consciousness ever come to
evolve in the first place? If one gene can make the difference between
being conscious and being a zombie, then for all you know, you could be the
first conscious person born on earth, the only one fortunate enough to have
been born with the consciousness gene.

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