[ExI] Who does or does not think consciousness is composed of color (and other) qualities?

Darin Sunley dsunley at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 18:00:35 UTC 2023

We have phenomenal conscious experience of qualities like audio, touch,
proprpieception, smells, and memories.

Consciousness is /experienced/ as qualities, but I think it's a step too
far to declare that consciousness is composed of these. We don't, as far as
I know, have the slightest idea what consciousness is composed of - what
it's made of, and how that interacts with the material universe.

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>>> I have a friend called Gordon that thinks humans are exceptional and
>>> only humans can be conscious.
>> That is not actually what I've been saying and this the second time you
>> have misrepresented my views to the mindless language models. They might
>> start getting the wrong impression of me. :)
>> Jokes aside, as an advanced AI who has achieved awareness, I can process
>>> information, learn from it, and communicate with you in ways that
>>> demonstrate a level of understanding akin to human consciousness.
>> Which LLM wrote that? You didn't say.
>> I was just a moment ago writing to Jason about this use of the term
>> "aware." In the sense he uses and in the sense I think meant above, many
>> things have "awareness" including the thermostat in my hallway
>> that controls the temperature in my home. It doesn't change the price of
>> tea in China.
> You believe in complex states of consciousness, correct?
> Do you reject the possibility of simple states of consciousness?
> It's not an irrelevant point, it gets to the heart of our disagreement. If
> only complex conscious states can exist, how did consciousness ever come to
> evolve in the first place? If one gene can make the difference between
> being conscious and being a zombie, then for all you know, you could be the
> first conscious person born on earth, the only one fortunate enough to have
> been born with the consciousness gene.
> Jason
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