[ExI] Who does or does not think consciousness is composed of color (and other) qualities?

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Thank you Jason.
Everything is about experimental verifiability, or falsifiability.
And the prediction that nobody will be able to experience a redness
experience, without glutamate (or something else in the brain), is an
example of a falsifiable claim.

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>> We have phenomenal conscious experience of qualities like audio, touch,
>> proprpieception, smells, and memories.
>> Consciousness is /experienced/ as qualities, but I think it's a step too
>> far to declare that consciousness is composed of these. We don't, as far as
>> I know, have the slightest idea what consciousness is composed of - what
>> it's made of, and how that interacts with the material universe.
> Are we certain what conscious is made of and how it interacts with the
> material universe? I would say we are not. However, I would say it is not
> the case that we don't have the slightest idea what it could be, or how it
> could interact with the material universe. We have a lot of ideas (perhaps
> too many of them), but a few I think make sense and are comprehensible.
> Some even may be testable (as I think is possible in an indirect way when
> different theories of consciousness lead to different predictions for our
> observations of the world).
> This is the case for computationalism, which has as a consequence, that
> consciousness would emerge out of the infinite computations present within
> the absolute truth concerning arithmetical relations between numbers. This
> theory predicts we should observe a quantum mechanical reality, which as it
> happens, we do. Then we can say that based on this evidence, we have some
> confidence that consciousness is composed of these computations. The
> physical universe (or rather, the appearance of one) then emerges from the
> set of computations that happen to instantiate your particular present
> mind-state. This then, would be the link between consciousness and physics.
> Jason
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