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Thu Apr 13 13:56:49 UTC 2023

.  For instance, if I annoy the hell outta someone and they flame my ass,
then I recognize it and don’t read it, then I can go on as if nothing was
ever said.  That allows me to appear to be a super forgiving person, which
is a good thing, even if it is really fake.  spike

Cultures evolve, but nowhere does it say that progress is involved.  That
means that the current culture is just one of many, and it will pass away
in time (usually with the help of teenagers, who will typically despise the
culture they grew up in).  So in a sense all cultural things, like social
tokens, are fake.  And we know that!

(I have to doubt that Spike's forgiveness is not real.  Spike?  Holding
grudges?  Heaven forbid1)

I do not think it is fair to say that one culture has it right and another
doesn't.  We inherited the culture we have, good or bad.  We like or
dislike one or another culture, but I doubt that people think of it as
God-given and the very best one.  Narrow people if they do.  (Yeah we do
have some of those.)

Consider:  would you say such a thing as this?  "You have a real brat
there.  Why don't you do something with him?  If he were mine I'd kick his
ass into next week."  You will say nothing like this.  Are you a
hypocrite?  Are you a fake?

bill w

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> On Wed, 12 Apr 2023, spike jones via extropy-chat wrote:
> > Regarding horrible imitations of the real thing… OK but… I loooove fake
> Italian food.  I really do, the Americanized half-hearted
> > attempt at Italian recipes are among my favorites, and it isn’t just
> Italy (but Italy is one of the best examples (oh that country
> >
> Not to speak of General Tsos chicken! ;) One of my favourite chicken
> recipes which you can find in most american chinese restaurants, and it
> is an american invention inspired by chinese cooking (if memory serves).
> But adding to that, when I lived in the US, what I missed most from
> europe was the food. But, the US had much, much better steak and mexican
> food (not taco bell) so I was focusing on that instead.
> Best regards,
> Daniel
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