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On Thu, 13 Apr 2023, spike jones via extropy-chat wrote:

>> ...My father is of the social, nodding and smiling type, and when 
>> someone in his community doesn't reciprocate, he nods and smiles even 
>> more vigorously until the other caves in and realizes that it is the 
>> quickest way to get rid of him. ;)  Daniel
> Ah, so THAT's why my neighbors seem so pleasant.

There you go! ;)

> OK cool.  Daniel your father and I would get along well.  Scheming
pleasant ways to get rid of each other.

>...Haha, true. After all, he (and I) are swedish, possibly among one of the
most "distant" cultures on the planet. ;)

I'll be damn!  I never heard that.  I did AncestryDNA and 23%Me.  They agree
I am about 15-20% Swedish.

Something that nearly everyone on this list for over 20 years will
cheerfully agree: the most pleasant friendly smartest person who ever hung
out here is Anders Sandberg, who is 100% Swede.  I had him do a DNA kit last
time he was here, which confirmed it, nothing else in that woodpile but pure
Viking for at least 300 years.  Anders is a sparkling jewel of a person.


>...I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at the wonderful mix of
people and perspectives on this list, and, at the civilised tone compared
with twitter, mastodon and other modern social media. But maybe I haven't
yet seen the worst?... Daniel

Eh... well sir, we had a nuclear flame war about 3 years ago while I was
away camping along the Ohanepecosh River for 3 weeks, with no internet.  I
was the moderator at the time, so there was no one to try to talk em down,
so when I returned I realized I needed to stand down as moderator, which is
why we now have ExIMod rather than me.  I intend to be away from internet
again nearly every summer for a few weeks (if possible.)

The ExI rules are pretty straightforward: refrain at every opportunity from
personal insult.  

Long story short: the ExI list split after that unfortunate incident.
Personal insult is allowed on the other list.  ExiMod doesn't allow personal
insult and excessive vitriol over here.  Consequently, I like it better

We had another Swede over here, Nick Bostrom.  In person he seemed to be a
bit "distant."  But I figured, well someone needs to counterbalance the
schmoozy oozy types, give us contrast and perspective, so it is OK to be
aloof.  This old world needs its loofs.


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