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Thu Apr 13 19:05:24 UTC 2023

On Thu, 13 Apr 2023, spike jones via extropy-chat wrote:

> I'll be damn!  I never heard that.  I did AncestryDNA and 23%Me.  They agree
> I am about 15-20% Swedish.

Ahh, the pieces of the puzzle are coming together! ;) I always thought
about taking one of those tests for fun, but then I read about the test
results and genetic information being sold to other companies so I
postponed it in the end. But given my ancestry my guess would be
northern european with perhaps a few percent of eastern european if my 
viking ancestors travelled eastward.

> cheerfully agree: the most pleasant friendly smartest person who ever hung
> out here is Anders Sandberg, who is 100% Swede.  I had him do a DNA kit last

Ahh, Anders and Boström, don't know either of them, but of course I have
heard about them. Boström I think is mentioned from time to time in the
media in sweden.

> Eh... well sir, we had a nuclear flame war about 3 years ago while I was
> away camping along the Ohanepecosh River for 3 weeks, with no internet.  I

Well, human nature I guess? =(

> Personal insult is allowed on the other list.  ExiMod doesn't allow personal

Personal insult allowed? Or is it allowed as a kind of "free speech"
kind of thing?

> We had another Swede over here, Nick Bostrom.  In person he seemed to be a
> bit "distant."  But I figured, well someone needs to counterbalance the
> schmoozy oozy types, give us contrast and perspective, so it is OK to be
> aloof.  This old world needs its loofs.

Haha, true. Originals are more interesting! =)

Best regards, 

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