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1) Every question has an answer
2) Every answer implies >1 new questions


Q: What is the answer to "Q: what is the list of answers to all questions?"

A: You missed a question (there is no list)


It is not possible to list all questions whose answer cannot be proven
(Aleph 1)

I believe that this is the truly inaccessible part of existence, that we
will solve the hard problem infinitely sooner than we solve the ultimate
truth problem (there is not even a God who can solve it. It's turtles all
the way down)

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>>> Science succeeds. The mystery endures.
>> Indeed. But I would say some cracks are finally appearing in the
>> intractability of the problem of ontology. For the first time in history we
>> can link observational evidence to a theory that explains why we exist. My
>> article here explains what progress has been made in this question:
>> https://alwaysasking.com/why-does-anything-exist/
>> The short answer is that if we assume absolute truths, like 2+2=4, have
>> always existed and always will exist, we can show constructively how this
>> leads to other mathematical truths and equations, some of which define all
>> computable universes and minds. The distribution of these mind states as
>> implied by algorithmic information theory leads to many testable
>> predictions about our universe, all of which, to date, have been confirmed.
>> Including:
>> A multiverse of many parallel histories, fundamental unpredictability,
>> involving seemingly unlimited computation.
>> A universe having simple, computable, life friendly laws, having both
>> time and an apparent beginning in time.
>> A universe where information and observation play a critical and
>> fundamental role.
>> See the section:
>> https://alwaysasking.com/why-does-anything-exist/#Is_This_Testable
>> If correct, this puts observation at the heart of ontology and makes
>> understanding consciousness central to understanding reality.
> ### Yes. But still, I have an unshakable sense of mystery when trying to
> think about these issues.
> Take this for example: If you take an infinite list of undecidable or
> uncomputable mathematical questions, there is a corresponding list of
> correct answers. This list of truths is uncomputable, there is no way of
> telling it apart from the infinity of lists that contain one or more
> incorrect answers. And yet, it exists. Are there any subjective, conscious
> states that in some way relate to such lists of correct answers? Does
> computationalism say our conscious experience takes place within the realm
> of computable or decidable mathematical objects, or do we exist in the
> uncomputable part?
> Is there the one and only list of all truths, including the unknowable
> truths?
> Rafal
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