[ExI] Against the paperclip maximizer or why I am cautiously optimistic

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>> All good points, I agree at some point we won't be in the driver's seat
>> so it may be moot from our planning perspective. The last two science
>> fiction stories I have read (Culture series and Hyperion)
> ### It's a pity Iain Banks died, the Culture novels are great.

Yes it's too bad.. I have enjoyed each of them so far. I still have a few

I read Hyperion so many years ago.... very hazy.

I am referring to this: (don't click if you haven't read it yet and don't
want spoilers) https://hyperioncantos.fandom.com/wiki/TechnoCore

> It's only recently though that I found out the meaning of the word
> "shrike". When I first read the Hyperion books I thought it was just a
> random neologism and its meaning within the story eluded me.

Ahh nice I didn't realize that connection either. Thanks for pointing this


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