[ExI] e: GPT-4 on its inability to solve the symbol grounding problem

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> It seems to me that you are putting all your effort into seeing how it couldn't be possible rather than putting in all your effort into seeing how it could.
> Think of all the data points and structures available to it to make: every word pair and word order frequency, sorted into a list. A high dimensional word proximity space, with related words clustered into various groups. Words arranged into huge hierarchical tree structures based on connections by intermediate words like "is", "of", "has", etc.
> You'll ask, but how does it get started, I gave you plenty of examples in my previous reply and above.
> Try as an exercise, thinking about how it could work.
> Spend 10 minutes putting yourself in the shoes of someone in a Korean library (with no pictures or translations) given thousands of years to figure out what any of the symbols mean.
> Jason
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Translating unknown languages is a problem that archaeologists are
familiar with.
The script as well as the language can be unknown.
A Rosetta Stone helps, with the same inscription in three languages.
But even totally unknown languages like Mayan Glyphs have been translated.
And computers using AI are now also being used for unknown languages.
Retrieving meaning from unknown symbols is mostly a solved problem.


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