[ExI] e: GPT-4 on its inability to solve the symbol grounding problem

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Hi Ben,

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> I think the key thing here, is the concept that *we never deal directly
> with 'real-world things'*. In fact this is impossible. instead, we deal
> with models in our heads, using incoming sensory (and outgoing motor, with
> feedback loops) signals to create and manipulate the internal mental models.

These "models in our heads" are made of real world things, which have
qualities we directly apprehend in an infallible way, via the computational
[image: bent_pencil.png]
You can doubt that the pencil out there is bent.  But you can't doubt that
your knowledge of the pencil is bent, nor can you doubt the yellowness
quality of your knowledge of that pencil.
The same as Descartes knew infallibly: "I think, therefore I am."

The left hemisphere of your brain knows, absolutely, that solipsism is
false, since it is directly aware of the knowledge in the other hemisphere.
Once we discover how to do this kind of computational binding to things
outside of our head (via neural ponytails, for example)  we will be able to
falsify solipsism.
Or possibly, our failure to be able to do that, could verify solipsism.
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