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> AI and nanotech have been the two elements of the singularity at least
> since Eric Drexler wrote about them in the mid-80s.  One of the two
> has to come first, and it looks like AI is leading
> This talk might give you an idea of just how fast things are moving.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=xoVJKj8lcNQ&t=854s
> The link goes to a point 14 minutes into the talk, where the really
> interesting bits start.
> Keith
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Another article worries about how AI is already rapidly changing the
world we live in.


AI is remaking the world on its terms, and that’s a problem
Artificial intelligence is making it harder for humans to have agency
in their own lives.
By Zachary Kaiser   04-19-23

Nothing epitomizes this dystopian future-present better than Franz
Kafka’s The Trial, which opens with the main character being arrested
without evidence or warrant for an unspecified crime. I first
encountered a connection between The Trial and contemporary technology
when reading Daniel Solove’s prescient and wonderfully titled, “‘I’ve
Got Nothing to Hide’ and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy.”

Solove argues compellingly that our world has become like The Trial,
“which depicts a bureaucracy with inscrutable purposes that uses
people’s information to make important decisions about them, yet
denies the people the ability to participate in how their information
is used.” The problems of such a society, Solove continues, “are
problems of information processing.” Put another way: The correlations
and inferences “AI” systems make, are often impenetrable for those
most impacted by them.

That's more signs of the Singularity arriving.
When the world around us appears to be rapidly changing and things
happening for unknown reasons.


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