[ExI] Singularity news

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Wed Apr 19 18:53:18 UTC 2023

Well, that was really eye-opening, and I think it bears repeating that 
Language isn't just words, and it's clear that these LLMs deal with far 
more than text.

Basically just blows the whole 'GPT-4 on its inability to...' 
discussions right out of the water.

Looks like these things should be more than capable of 'grounding', 
'understanding' or whatever else you want to talk about, however you 
want to define it. More capable than humans, probably (and certainly, 
given a few more months. I mean, who can claim an awareness of the stock 
market as a primary sensory modality? (and more importantly, who can 
arbitrarily add new sensory modalities to themselves?)).

Looks like the singularity really is upon us, just most of us haven't 
noticed it yet.


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