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Thu Apr 20 12:28:16 UTC 2023

On Thu, 20 Apr 2023, Ben Zaiboc via extropy-chat wrote:

> The old question of whether there will be a 'singleton' AI or multiple AIs.

I come to think of Neuromancer and the turing police. Just throwing it
in there as a scenario related to regulation, and in the end, AI:s of
course "escaping".

I believe there will be multiple AI:s. I also believe they will
communicate either directly, or by persuading humans to carry the
messages for them.

I could also believe that humans will create or reinterpret myths and
religions and basing them around their favourite AI, and they will then
serve the cause of the AI carrying messages, performing actions etc.

Did anyone read Stanislaw Lems Summa Technologiae? There he speaks, in
1964 of "Intellectronics" (A word coined by Lem to speculate on the 
field that is known today as artificial intelligence: The day will 
come when machine intelligence will rival or surpass the human one.)

as well as of "Creation of the Worlds" where instead of painstaking 
research we can "grow" new information from available information in 
an automatic way.

I really enjoy his science fiction, and I think for being writtein in
1964, it's quite a ride. =)

> And what effect will all this have on human society and culture?

Depends on the strength and level of the intelligence. Does
consciousness have a limit or is it a close to infinite spectrum? If
consciousness does not have a limit, the implications will be magic. On
the other hand, if the current approach (or any approaches coming after
LLMs) will stop at human level intelligence, that will be an interesting
development as well.

When it comes to jobs and society, I am of the opinion that as long as
there are human desires there will be jobs in a world with limited
resources. Should we ever reach a post scarcity world, where jobs are
voluntary, I think that needs to be paired with new ways of raising
people and instilling (or better ways of encouraging or activating)
innate motivation to avoid depression and destrutive behaviour.

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