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Spike is a national treasure and is inimitable.  No AI now or in the future
should be allowed to try.  bill w

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> I remember, a few times, people from the list have been exasperated about
> some of the newer members "rehashing issues we already decided on years
> ago" and that everyone should search the archives first.
> The archives are 20 years of plaintext files available by the month the
> were written -- exactly as written -- so that includes every quote, every
> quoted quote, and every quoted quoted quote, all the way down.
> Is there some reasonable way to fuzzy keyword search over 200 files, each
> containing hundreds of emails, to see what the list has said before about a
> topic? Is there an easy way to feed them into a database so they'll be
> separated out into separate files, then fuzzy search through that?
> Otherwise, do you have any recommendations on how to split the files with
> a script to make them easier to read?
> And do you think we could train ChatGPT to write emails the way Spike
> does? :lol:
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