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Subject: [ExI] Reading Through The Archives


>…I remember, a few times, people from the list have been exasperated about some of the newer members "rehashing issues we already decided on years ago" and that everyone should search the archives first.




SR!  ExIChat discussed all this fifteen years ago!  Read the dang archi…


Ooops, retract all, my apologies.





>…And do you think we could train ChatGPT to write emails the way Spike does? :lol:


>…SR Ballard




Bah.  I have never GPTed an email or ExI post!


But that’s a cool idea SR.  I am annoyed I didn’t think of it already.


What we need is a version of ChatGPT which can somehow train on our own writings wherever we posted our stuff.  I would call mine SnarkGPT.



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