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>>... In the age of ChatGPT, what is a university now?  ...

>...The disadvantage is that the students who lack intrinsic motivation and interest in the field drop out rather quickly. ...Daniel

You said it right Daniel: students and motivation.

When covid lockdowns came, we transitioned suddenly to online learning.  That didn't work for some of the students.  Others pulled way ahead of their classmates, way ahead of where they would have been had they been in the classroom.

One of my former college roommates earned a PhD from Purdue and has been teaching engineering in the college where we graduated for nearly 40 years.  During a visit last year he pointed me to this material...


...and admitted straight out that he cannot improve on this.  I subscribed and listened to about 20 of the lectures, all of the controls stuff, and I am still floored at how good it is.  A motivated student can get with the best online free material and get a good undergrad level engineering education that way, just with currently-available online resources.

This brings up a new and interesting question.  Can we make a university or college or for-profit institution which would evaluate students reliably, so that industry can choose these candidates.


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