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> The brain communicates with itself all the time.   bill w
> That's true, but missing the point.  When you experience a composite
experience composed of lots of colorness qualities, emotional feelings, and
memories.  That is not communication.  It is computational binding, which
enables you to experience it all, together, at the same time, so you can be
aware of the differences of all the different pixels of color, and a lot
more situational awareness.   What is going on between registers, in a CPU,
is also not communication, and this is almost able to achieve this kind of
powerful situational awareness relationship between two pieces of
information, but what a CPU can do doesn't even get close to a
composite qualitative visual experience of what we see.  I predict that the
way our brain does this kind of composite qualitative experience is way
more powerful, and more efficient way to do computation, directly on (I say
physical) qualities than today's CPU are attempting, via expensive brute
force abstract discrete logic.

My prediction is that once we discover which of all our descriptions of
stuff in the brain is a description of a subjective redness quality,
including how this is computationally bound with whatever it is that has a
subjective greenness quality, this will launch a revolution in the way
computation is done, in far more efficient, powerful, and most importantly
of all, motivated ways.

There is no purpose to a stand alone abstract robot's life.  But billions
of years of evolutionary survival of the fittest struggle , or a billion
robots working to enable, would be worth just the ability of one animal to
experience 5 minutes of redness, or any other wonderful physical emotion
and joy.
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