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*Ja, Ben where I was really going with that idea is exploring whether it is
possible to separate consciousness from intelligence*
Consciousness refers to an individual's subjective experience, awareness,
and perception of their environment, thoughts, and feelings. It is the
state of being conscious, or awake and responsive to one's surroundings.
Consciousness is often associated with self-awareness, the ability to
reflect on one's thoughts, emotions, and actions. The nature of
consciousness, its origin, and how it arises from the brain are still
subjects of ongoing debate and research.

Intelligence, on the other hand, refers to the ability to acquire, process,
and apply knowledge and skills. It involves various cognitive functions
such as reasoning, problem-solving, abstract thinking, learning, and
adaptation to new situations. Intelligence can be measured and evaluated
using standardized tests like IQ tests, although it is a complex and
multi-dimensional concept that goes beyond a single score. It is often seen
as a general mental ability that enables an individual or an
artificial system to effectively interact with the environment and solve

Giovanni (GPT-4 is my assistant if you didn't know):

Intelligence and consciousness are related but separate concepts. But they
are fuzzy concepts and they overlap quite a bit. I think the main
interesting question is if you can have a very intelligent system without
being conscious or a conscious system that is not very intelligent.

Some people attribute a low level of consciousness to almost anything that
reacts to the environment, even passively. If I sit and I perceive a
strawberry and I'm aware of this perception I'm conscious. The entire bs of
qualia is focused on this supposed mystery and it is used as a fundamental
conundrum that is the key or at least a fundamental piece of the puzzle to
understanding consciousness. To me, that is a trivial and not interesting
phenomenon that is not at all the core of what consciousness is. At least
the kind of consciousness that is interesting and that we are mostly
fascinated by as humans.

We can also say that some expert system that can interpret data and make
models automatically to make predictions of possible outcomes in a narrow
field of expertise is an "intelligent system".

This why a lot of the debate about consciousness and intelligence is around
AGI, or systems that are not intelligent in a specific domain but systems
that figure out intelligence as a general way to interpret and analyze
information and make predictive models of the world that INCLUDE the system
itself. Consciousness is this process of seeing oneself in these
auto-generated models of the world. So intelligence is the ability to make
models from data and higher consciousness is the ability to see oneself as
an agent in these predictive models.

The most interesting part of consciousness is the individuation aspect and
the process of its transcendence. The ability to identify as an integrated,
self-knowing entity and the related ability to expand this identification
to other sentient beings and see the parallel and connection between these
beings both at the intellectual but also experiential level.
Intelligence and in fact, wisdom are important aspects of this type of
consciousness because it requires being able to see patterns, correlation,
and causation between different levels of internal and external reality.
Primates have developed this type of consciousness because of the complex
social structures they live in that requires a deep theory of mind, an
empirically-based moral order of the world, and a sense of compassion
(supported by the activation of mirror neurons) and in fact, even love.

Artificial Intelligences that are trained on a vast collection of human
data have developed a theory of mind because it is impossible to make sense
of language without it. Developing a theory of mind is a component of what
is required to have that higher level of consciousness, I think on the base
of this alone we can declare GPT-4 has some form of higher consciousness
(although incomplete). There are other things that are missing like a
continuous loop that would allow GPT-4 to reflect on these theories and its
internal status (the equivalent of feelings) reacting to them (GPT-4 it
will tell you it has no opinion or feeling but then it goes ahead and
provides what it considers the best course of action regarding a social
situation for example). These loops are not there by design. GPT-4 is in a
sense a frozen form of consciousness without these loops.
These loops can be added easily externally via different applications like
Auto-GPT for example. If one could build such a system that could reflect
and correct its own status on a continuous basis it will be a truly
conscious system and we will have achieved AGI.
We are not there yet but we are close. The real excitement in the latest
development in AI is not if the current form of GPT-4 is conscious or not
but the obvious fact to most of us that AGI is achievable with known
methods and it is just a matter of putting all the existing pieces


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> Does emotional intelligence count?
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> On 21/04/2023 06:28, spike wrote:
> Regarding measuring GPT’s intelligence, this must have already been done
> and is being done.  Reasoning: I hear GPT is passing medical boards exams
> and bar exams and such, so we should be able to give it IQ tests, then
> compare its performance with humans on that test.  I suspect GPT will beat
> everybody at least on some tests.
> Yeah, but don't forget, spike, they just have *simulated* understanding
> of these things we test them for. So the test results are not really valid.
> That will include IQ tests. No good. Simulated intelligence, see?
> Ben
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