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I remember in my 20s I went to this presentation in Bologna of a well-known
Italian poet that experimented with early PCs. This was the 90s so we had
Commodores 64 at that time, lol.
He wrote these poems, one about Newton if I remember well but basically, it
was just mindless randomization of certain words in a given list that were
vaguely evocative in their complete nonsense. Everybody was in awe that
computers could create something like a poem (it was not really doing

I often imagine the reaction of the crowd if I could read to them the type
of poems GPT-4 creates. They are not yet Neruda quality but some of them
are really beautiful and interesting.
Look at the one it wrote about his own limited self-awareness. I love to
write poetry myself and I think I'm pretty good but I don't think I would
have done much better on that particular topic.
It is actually good we are moving the goalpost because it means that
something is really happening.
I never saw so much buzz about AI and this would not happen if there was
not something there. Some detractors and AI haters say it is all hype but
there would not be hype if there was nothing there. And this is just the


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> >…Imagine we took GPT-4 back to 1980 or 1960. Is there any doubt people of
> that time (including AI researchers) would consider GPT-4 an AGI?  Jason
> Jason that question demonstrates how far we have been able to move the AI
> goalposts since those benighted days.  Had you showed us GPT-4 in 1980, we
> would have unanimously called it artificial intelligence at or above human
> level.  I was there, I remember.  We have moved the goalposts so far, we
> couldn’t even see the original goalpost site given the Hubble space
> telescope.
> spike
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