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>...I sense some big companies are starting to play a lot closer to their vests in that regard. I am not entirely sure I trust Sam Altman's claim that he hasn't started developing GPT-5...

At no point will those with the means to do so unanimously decide: OK GPT-4 is getting scary, let's all stop further development forthwith.

A few may do this, most will suggest the others stop development while simultaneously scouring the globe for those who understand the unfortunate term "transformer" as it relates to AI and language models.

(Who the heck thought it was a good idea to further overwork the already-defined term "transformer" please? We coulda made up a new term for that, for I think it refers to a novel concept.)

>...Also Elon Musk has started a new AI company and bought 10,000 GPUs for it.


>...In any case, it will be interesting going forward.  Stuart LaForge

We are a species which evolved by competing and winning, against the forces of nature, against other species and against our own species.  It is why communism always fails eventually.  The characteristics bred into us from a couple million years of evolution and the memetic structures resulting from a quarter million years of evolutionary psychology will not be wished away or legislated away.  

There is no turning back and no stopping now.


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