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On Sun, Apr 23, 2023 at 2:38 AM Ben Zaiboc via extropy-chat <
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> As for Brent's strawberry fetish etc., I've given up trying to make
> sense of his impenetrable jargon. Plenty of people have explained to
> him, at painful length, "doing what you've always done will get you what
> you've always got", but he just won't listen.
> But, yes, his diagram is the same as mine, just with a couple of details
> pulled out, and focusing only on vision. The eyes and 'perception
> process' are one of my arrows from the left, the 3D strawberry model
> should be one of the bubbles. What 'composed of subjective qualities'
> actually means is anybody's guess really. I strongly suspect it doesn't
> mean anything at all.

I am simply asking the question, where IF you put a red / green signal
inverter between the retina and the optic nerve there will be red light
from the strawberry landing on the retina, yet the strawberry will seem

I'm just asking, what is that grenness seeming?

On Sun, Apr 23, 2023 at 3:52 AM Giovanni Santostasi via extropy-chat <
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> The directness and vividness of the experience are just an illusion.

Exactly, and what is this vivid greeness illusion of a red strawberry?

That is all I'm asking.
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