[ExI] all we are is just llms

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Mon Apr 24 16:42:30 UTC 2023

On 24/04/2023 05:16, Gordon Swobe wrote:
> These are impressive feats in software engineering, interesting and 
> amazing to be sure, but it's just code.

... As opposed to what?? What on earth could a system - any system - use 
except 'just code'?

All data processing systems use 'just code', including our brains (which 
use a type of morse code, which you already know, unless you haven't 
been listening, or just disagree with me on this).

Er, do you? You haven't even mentioned this, as far as I can remember, 
in any of your posts. But it's an important - essential, even - point. 
The brain uses these spike trains - a kind of morse code - as it's 
internal language. That's its 'code'.

Perhaps we'd better establish if you disagree with this, because you're 
saying some very strange things now. I know you want to concentrate on 
higher-level things, especially human language, but if we can't agree on 
what lies under those levels, we're not really communicating at all.

Do you agree that the brain uses spike-trains - a form of binary code - 
as its internal language? Or do you have an alternative hypothesis?


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