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> Hi Keith,
> Good to see you back.
> What do you think is the most significant problem?

I have no idea.

Mind you, I have thought about it almost since Dreller started talking
about the singularity.  I agree with Verner Vinge that the future
beyond that point is entirely obscure.  Since we can't stop the
progress of time, it's onward into the fog.

> I'm guessing you would agree with me, that the polarization of society, lack of any trusted sources of information, is our greatest problem, and the most significant barrier to more rapid progress?

I understand why these problems exist.  Unfortunately, conveying an
understanding of why evolved psychological traits exist seems to be
between hard and impossible.  People seem to have a hardwired
rejection of such ideas even here, or perhaps especially here.  Out of
the entire list of people reading here, nobody wanted to see Genetic
Selection for War in Prehistoric Human Populations.  No problem, it's
an exceedingly unpleasant subject.

> We're working on resolving exactly all those issues with the Consensus building and tracking system at Canonizer.com.  The theories of consciousness topic is showing evidence that there is far more consensus around the most important ideas than anyone realizes.  The problem is, most people jump to the conclusion that we are determining truth via voting, but that is the opposite of what we are doing.  We only track popular consensus, because that which you measure improves, and we have MANY powerful ways to build consensus around revolutionary ideas that may save us.

A few years ago after many years of working on power satellites, I
came to a painful realization that there was a massive flaw in the
whole project.  (The assumption that humans could build them was just

I don't think any current intellectual project will survive the
existence of AIs substantially smarter than humans.



> For more information see our video chapter on this emerging consensus.
> Or there is the White Paper: "Amplifying the Wisdom of the Crowd,Building and Measuring for Expert and Moral Consensus"
> On Mon, Apr 24, 2023 at 11:50 AM Keith Henson via extropy-chat <extropy-chat at lists.extropy.org> wrote:
>> All this thrashing around (in my opinion) misses the point that
>> whatever you think is missing from AI work, chances are we'll see it
>> shortly.
>> What I have not seen is any thoughts on improving the lot of humanity
>> or even surviving the next year or few years.
>> But that's too much to ask.
>> Keith
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