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> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJBfn07gZ30
> Brent,
> I thought this video would end this discussion about redness quality stuff
> forever but it seems to have done almost zero impact. Any scientific mind
> would see this video and realize that "redness" is an illusion as I said
> before. In which sense is an illusion? It is not "something" like you say
> it is, it is not made of a single or simple substance in the brain or a
> simple process it is a complex series of events in the brain, it is a
> delicate process that can be hijacked by illusions as the one described in
> the video. This indicates the information that we interpret as redness goes
> through many stages, it requires different parts of the brain and it is not
> as solid as Brent thinks. It is not something one can "poke" as your
> elementary school students proposed or pinpoint. It can be still studied
> and understood scientifically but the functionalist intuition on this
> phenomenon is supported by the evidence shown in the video.
> The video is basically fatal to your naive understanding of redness.
> Giovanni

Indeed there's an even easier proof that colors have no physical
correspondence: the color magenta.

There is no frequency of light that corresponds to this color. You won't
find it on the spectrum of colors we can see. There is no laser pointer
that could emit magenta light (as all lasers are of a single pure
frequency). It is entirely an invention of the brain where it artificially
wraps the blue end of the spectrum around in a circle to meet the red end
of the spectrum, and puts magenta between these two.

Though I imagine Brent would say it involves some mixture of glutamate and
some other molecule being combined in some ratio in some part of the brain.
But this is enough to show higher order organizations are necessary, and
low level molecules aren't enough to explain perception (organization is
fundamentally important, as functionalists have been trying to point out).


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