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> This is the first instance I'm aware of seeing AI show a sense of humor by
> getting a joke. Thank you for sharing it!

Sure thing. The developers at OpenAI seem to have made progress on this
front in version 4.

Here is a joke of mine that it did not get, but was able to get after I
informed it that it was a joke:

Me:  A friend of mine was telling me all about how his girlfriend thought
she was pregnant. Period. End of story.

GPT-4: It sounds like your friend and his girlfriend experienced a
pregnancy scare. These situations can be quite stressful for couples, as
they often involve uncertainty and important life decisions. It's crucial
for your friend and his girlfriend to communicate openly about their
feelings and concerns in order to navigate this situation effectively. They
might also want to consider discussing their plans for the future, such as
whether they want to have children, and what steps they could take to
prevent unintended pregnancies (e.g., using contraception consistently and

Me: I was telling you a joke and you didn't get it
GPT-4: Apologies for misunderstanding the context of your statement. As an
AI language model, I sometimes struggle to recognize sarcasm or humor
without clear indications. If you have any other questions or topics you'd
like to discuss, feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to provide a helpful

Me: Do you understand why it was funny?

GPT-4: Upon re-reading your original message, I understand that you were
attempting to create a humorous situation by using a play on words with
"period" and "end of story." In this context, "period" can be interpreted
as both the end of a sentence and a woman's menstrual cycle. By saying
"period" followed by "end of story," you were implying that the
girlfriend's period arrived, indicating that she was not pregnant, and that
this resolved the situation.

My earlier response did not recognize the humor in your statement, but I
hope this explanation demonstrates my understanding of the intended joke.

GPT-4 is quite ready to be the life of the party, but they are working on
it. :)

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