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Thanks William,

>…I'm probably in the middle of most of this, and am really working on not getting angry.

But also, I sense I have a LONG way to go, before I am good at not provoking anger in others.

Still working on it, and appreciating everyone's patience and help with this.




Brent, if I may offer some sincere encouraging words please: you are passionate about your projects, the canonizer and the quality for instance.  If you become intense, we do understand.  The social rules in the flesh world do differ from the online world.  At a dinner table with colleagues, bandwidth is limited, someone talking at any one time, protocols exist.  In our brief contact and time together at Extro 5 (if I recall correctly) you presented as a pleasant respectful gentleman in whom I find no fault.


The online world of course the rules are different.  You force no one to read your posts, nor do we.  If one has time and interest, one reads.  You impose on no one by posting.  You notice I don’t write on those topics because I know nossink about it, never really understood it beyond the very basics for which you so patiently taught me and the others who read.  The reason I don’t contribute to the discussion is that I don’t know enough about those matters on which you post.  No need to apologize at all, for I have never seen you intentionally insult anyone.  Do continue please being your gentlemanly self, sir.


Cool parting shot: Exi-Chat has grown far more civil over the past three decades, ja?  The flame wars that used to take place on this forum, oh the humanity!


I wrote all that, no GPT-4, didn’t even ask for its opinion.



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