[ExI] a little essay on anger and respect

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Thanks William,
I'm probably in the middle of most of this, and am really working on not
getting angry.
But also, I sense I have a LONG way to go, before I am good at not
provoking anger in others.
Still working on it, and appreciating everyone's patience and help with

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> In any group you will find people who cannot control their anger.  No one
> is mature until they do so or at least are working on it seriously.
> Respect is a major factor in shooting.  Dissing someone's mother is
> typical.  "Your mother is a ........"  Followed by a 'need' for revenge -
> and anger, which of course drowns critical thinking.
> And then the guns came out to protect your mother's reputation.
> What does a slur mean?  Just that the other person wants to hurt you, and
> perhaps provoke a fight.  Why let them get to you?  You are handing them
> the means to make you act abnormally and stupidly.
> So the guns come out and people are dead.  Just how does this protect your
> mother's reputation?  Is this what she wants?
> You don't have to tell me that young people and minorities are the most
> affected by this.  We all know this.  Tragic.
> I would add that the very best way to handle these situations, just like
> road rage, is to forgive them - the main preaching of Christianity (which I
> am not).  Except that I know that this virtue is in very short supply in
> most people.
> But I just wonder what would happen if a teen got dissed and said "I
> forgive you."  And said that repeatedly if necessary.
> Just where and how do we learn self-control?  Clearly not enough places.
> bill w
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