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> > I just want simple answers, not a  bunch of new terms.
> > In classical conditionings, when a bell rings, the dog salivates.  Is
> this communication?  Or symbolic grounding or some such?
> >
> > Psychology is the worst at inventing new terms.  Some new sciences are
> doing it too, making relating to old terms difficult.
> > IMO, if a stimulus provokes a response, communication has occurred.
> Sender; medium; reception and response.  Information has occurred,
> transferred, and caused actions.  Why can't a bell ringing be called a
> language?  If instead you used saying the word 'bell' as a CS, would that
> qualify?
> >
> > Definitions are very difficult:  you have to say what something is and
> what it isn't, and how it is similar to but different from other terms.  If
> we stuck to operational definitions it would greatly simplify things.
> >
> > bill w
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> Oh, ringing a bell is definitely communication. Especially if you
> can't speak, through a stroke or fall and need help.
> The parrots I mentioned earlier were trained to ring a bell when they
> wanted to make a video call. Their human then brought a tablet with a
> screen full of parrots waiting for a zoom call. The parrot could then
> tap on the screen to select his favourite friend and make a call.
> You don't need words to communicate!

That's amazing. I just saw this video a cat communicating a complex idea to
a human:



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