[ExI] Ben Goertzel on Large Language Models

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Subject: [ExI] Ben Goertzel on Large Language Models


>…[Ben] did a twitter poll and was surprised at how many people disagreed with him:

>…"1 ) Well holy fukkazoly, I have to say I'm surprised  by these results.   Yah it's unscientific but ... perplexed that half my self-described AI expert followers think GPT-n systems w/o big additions could yield HLAGI.   OMG.  Nooo wayyy.  Theory of HLAGI urgently needed."





…heeeeeeeheheheheheheeee, thanks for that Gordon.  I haven’t followed Ben since he was active on ExI-chat a long time ago, but that comment brought back fond memories of the man.  That was a very Geortzelish post.  He was that way in person too: would say whatever he was thinking, with zero filtering of any kind, or if there was any such device, the mind boggles at what would have been caught in that filter and left unsaid.



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