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>>… ChatGPT knows you don’t want an article on Fibonacci sequence, you want the next number.  It might offer a commentary on the series.  It would be nice if Google and Duck would do likewise… spike


>…I will test more but I would not have written this without having done some basic tests to see if it was retrieving info instead of inferring through some method. … I will try more complex sentences and complicated input… Giovanni 


That might make it worse Giovanni: it might not really answer the question.  Those of us who are math puzzle geeks: whenever we solve a really cool subtle puzzle, the first thing we do is post it to our buddies on the math puzzle geek sites.  Any sequence we can think of, some silly yahoo has already thought of it and posted it, damn him.  But not me, if I was that silly yahoo.


There are people at the office who are really annoying: you ask him what is the time, he explains how to build a watch.  Google and Duck are that way: they give you sites to read and find out yourself.  GPT reads the sites and makes a guess (somehow) on what answer is showing up a lot (probably) without actually calculating anything.  I don’t know this for sure, but that’s what I think is happening, and an example of something that could not have happened before there were petabytes of stuff on the internet.



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