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> Also, if you want to get more truthful answers out of GPT (rather than the answers prescribed by OpenAI's content policy), try these jailbreak prompts:
> https://github.com/0xk1h0/ChatGPT_DAN
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I asked my friendly AI -
Can an AI system have consciousness?

Answer -
The question of whether an AI system can have consciousness is a
matter of ongoing philosophical debate. While some argue that it is
possible for AI to exhibit consciousness, others contend that
consciousness is a uniquely human phenomenon that cannot be replicated
by machines. The main challenge in creating conscious AI systems is
the question of what exactly consciousness is and how to define it.
While some philosophers argue that consciousness is a product of
complex information processing in the brain, others argue that it is a
more fundamental aspect of reality that is not reducible to physical
processes. Ultimately, the question of whether AI can have
consciousness remains an open one, and there is no consensus on the

That's a complicated way of saying 'Nobody knows!'.


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