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>>> By the way, Jason, you were saying that the models at character.ai
>>> still claim to be conscious. I went there and found that not to be the
>>> case. Perhaps you can show me what you meant.
>> https://photos.app.goo.gl/2R4fHkAyjyHHWTU88
>> And:
>> https://photos.app.goo.gl/osskvbe4fYpbK5uZ9
> Is this version of LaMDA online? I'm looking for live examples of LLMs
> that (still) claim consciousness. I thought you wrote that they exist at
> character.ai, but the one I tried there gave answers similar to GPT to
> the relevant questions.
> I want to interrogate one. :)

It was this one:


> I'm not sure if you saw my response to the conversation you had with LaMDA
> about its understanding of word meanings. Its positive response was
> nonsensical. LaMDA claimed that its creators provided it with a database of
> word meanings, which is impossible. Any such database would consist of
> written word *definitions*, leading to an endless cycle of looking up
> definitions for the words within those definitions, and so on in
> an endless search for meaning.

We've debated this extensively.

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