[ExI] Islands of trans-humanity

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Mon Dec 4 13:34:35 UTC 2023

On 03/12/2023 22:23, Kelly Anderson wrote:
> I doubt this is a novel train of thought... but...
> One of the more interesting ways that transhumanism could be "bad" is
> the idea that over the next few centuries of transhumanism, different
> "species" of human could rapidly evolve (though not through natural
> selection, unnaturally) into islands of trans-humans that can no
> longer interbreed. By creating this rapidly dividing delta in the
> river of hominid divergence, it could create interesting dynamics of
> "us" and "them" which could lead to a destructive fragmentation of
> society.

I reckon this is an inevitable thing, and is far from bad.

One area where biological analogies lead us astray, though, is the idea 
of technologically-mediated 'species' being unable to 'interbreed'. It 
might be better to use different words, to emphasise that we won't be 
bounded by the limitations or concepts of biology. If you use technology 
to change your body and mind, you can use technology to create blended 
designs, if you want to. There will be barriers, of course, but they 
will be either self-imposed or simply practical. e.g. no point in trying 
to create a hybrid of something that would be confortable on venus and 
something that would be comfortable on mars. Probably.

The inevitable fragmentation of society doesn't have to be destructive, 
if people have plentiful resources. I thnk we over-emphasise instances 
of different cultures being in conflict, and under-emphasise those where 
different cultures get along well, and even benefit each other.

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