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My son is taking Principals of Physics, which is calculus based.  Those of you who have taken that class know it requires gallons of sweat if one is a mere mortal, such as me and nearly everyone I know.  I had to work for that one.


He wrote this to a group of friends:



Funny anecdote: In my university physics class (mechanics), we meet twice a week in person as usual. However, we have required online discussions for participation points every week. One must answer the provided prompt and respond to two other people. One poor soul in the class, however, was not so careful with their "use of technology", shall we say:



{end of his post}



OK then.  If one is going to cheat, one should at least make a half-assed effort to cover one’s tracks.


This has me wondering about something I don’t recall coming up in all our singularity discussions over the years.


It is perfectly reasonable to think that AI will be sufficiently advanced before the singularity to demotivate students.  They can think about a problem, ask ChatGPT, then realize GPT “understands” physics better than the student could, even if the student is willing to spill the gallons of sweat to learn the physics.  So… the student concludes with some justification, that spilling those gallons of sweat is pointless.


In a sense, we are already seeing the demotivating impact of ChatGPT.





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