[ExI] An expert explains ‘mind uploading’

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Tue Dec 5 22:59:35 UTC 2023

Could you move from your biological body to a computer?
An expert explains ‘mind uploading’.

Published: December 4, 2023
Author  Clas Weber
Senior lecturer, The University of Western Australia


This is the concept behind mind uploading – the idea that we may one
day be able to transition a person from their biological body to a
synthetic hardware. The idea originated in an intellectual movement
called transhumanism and has several key advocates including computer
scientist Ray Kurzweil, philosopher Nick Bostrom and neuroscientist
Randal Koene.

The feasibility of mind uploading rests on three core assumptions.

First is the technology assumption – the idea that we will be able to
develop mind uploading technology within the coming decades.
Second is the artificial mind assumption – the idea that a simulated
brain would give rise to a real mind
and third is the survival assumption – the idea that the person
created in the process is really “you”.
Only then does mind uploading become a way for you to live on.

How plausible is each of these?


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