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> Could you move from your biological body to a computer?
> An expert explains ‘mind uploading’.
> Published: December 4, 2023
> Author  Clas Weber
> Senior lecturer, The University of Western Australia
> <https://theconversation.com/could-you-move-from-your-biological-body-to-a-computer-an-expert-explains-mind-uploading-218035>
> Quotes:
> This is the concept behind mind uploading – the idea that we may one
> day be able to transition a person from their biological body to a
> synthetic hardware. The idea originated in an intellectual movement
> called transhumanism and has several key advocates including computer
> scientist Ray Kurzweil, philosopher Nick Bostrom and neuroscientist
> Randal Koene.
> The feasibility of mind uploading rests on three core assumptions.
> First is the technology assumption – the idea that we will be able to
> develop mind uploading technology within the coming decades.
> Second is the artificial mind assumption – the idea that a simulated
> brain would give rise to a real mind
> and third is the survival assumption – the idea that the person
> created in the process is really “you”.
> Only then does mind uploading become a way for you to live on.
> How plausible is each of these?

They are very complex, but there is nothing I know about that would
make it impossible.

But for marketing reasons, you want it to be bidirectional.  You spend
a weekend in the uploaded state and go back to a meat body on Monday
(with continuity of memory from the time in the uploaded state).  This
is technically no harder than one way.

I think uploaded people may keep their physical bodies stored for a
very long time.  Sentimental.


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