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> The intent is good; the name is unfortunate.  It brings connotations of "effective altruism", which is struggling with those who have used it as a cover for ill deeds (as well as concerns over whether it has been effective in practice), and "accelerationism", a political philosophy that tries for "make things worse so the people (in charge or at large) will have to wake up and do the right thing" but in practice usually only achieves "make things worse".
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What is Effective Accelerationism: Advantages and Disadvantages
Posted on November 28, 2023 by Kris Timothy Simon

Effective accelerationism combines and refines the ideas of
accelerationism and effective altruism.

Pros of Effective Accelerationism: Advantages and Applications
1. Supports the Use of Science and Technology to Solve Pressing Problems
2. Hedges the Risks and Problems Arising from Stagnation and Decline
3. Draws Attention to the Most Impactful Trends in Science and Technology

Cons of Effective Accelerationism: Disadvantages and Criticisms
1. Leans Toward an Idealistic But Oversimplified Understanding of Progress
2. Based on the Misplaced Interpretation of the Second Law of Dynamics
3. Ignores the Potential Risks and Harms of Unhinged Rapid Development


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