[ExI] New project for EFF (maybe)

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Thu Dec 14 23:27:46 UTC 2023

Please do inquire about finding a champion (or starting one) that gives
programmers some ethical protection from their employers over the asks (we)
find objectionable

It's a significant issue and growing in relevance

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> Hi Cindy, John
> My response to an article on slashdot about hackers that removed the
> code that bricked trains.
> If there were social support, programmers could just refuse on ethical
> grounds to write the code that bricks a train or anything else.
> Long ago when I was faced with something similar, I was just fired.
> If there was an organization that made such behavior public in a way
> that seriously hurt the reputation of a company, they might think
> twice about such abuse.
> Would we have to start a new organization for programmers or is there
> an existing one that could take on this function?  The EFF comes to
> mind, but open to other suggestions.  I will ask the EFF if they would
> consider this.
> Keith
> Keith
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