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> When I worked at a large company with a smaller acquired software
> division, I was encouraged to discontinue writing test driven code
> because it "worked too well" and that charging for customer service to
> keep their crappy code up and working was half of their revenue. In
> the end, my supervisor removed all of my tests and merged all my code
> into one untestable blob over a weekend. I was rather livid because I
> was proud of the fact that I was creating relatively bug free code. I
> didn't work there terribly long after that.
> -Kelly

I imagined a certification authority like lawyers and doctors have.  Sure,
you can practice full stack development without a cert, but you wouldn't
command the highest salary without it.  In your example above, you would
(should?) report that company for software mismanagement.  If govt.
contract can only go to ISO certified companies, we the devs would refuse
to work for unacceptably low CMM or similar metrics companies.

The morality influence would only be a feature after sufficient established
trust between the employers, the employees, and the accreditation agency.

Much of this has already been solved as in blockchain technology,  but we
have yet to implement similar decentralized trust in human behavior
models.  Maybe the AI revolution will make this discussion moot and any
efforts in this direction are too little too late.

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